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Filehippo VLC Media Player For Windows 7/8/10 32/64 Bit Free Download�? is a video streaming and multimedia platform, developed by VideoLAN project. It Can be used to play any kind of audio or video and is much better than many other types of media players.It Also allows you to download videos from YouTube, convert Videos to any format. It provides full audio effects with playlist support, subtitle synchronization and has a graphic equalizer.

The player ranks first as it provides many features to the users. The performance of the VLC player is also good and it can be downloaded without paying anything as it is free software. Users can make it a default player for all kinds of videos. Windows Media Player and Winamp are its competitors but the number of files that VLC can play is more than that of the other two media players.

Filehippo VLC Media Player has also got the feature of playing videos and audios from internet and Podcast.With it, you can activate audio normalization lest it harms your ears. You can play Internet Radio and Podcasts in VLC. With VLC, you can loop a particular part of the video or audio file. To add features, you can access the add-ons and extensions available. It supports fast hardware decoding. VLC has many such hidden interesting tricks like you can add watermarks, create video wallpapers, take snapshots etc to enhance your streaming experience.

VLC Media Player is a software that is designed to play media files which includes audio, video and animated files. VLC initially supported personal computers and laptops but later in 2015 it was released on play store and started supporting mobile phones. This software is available totally free of cost and can be easily downloaded and get installed.

Filehippo VLC Media Player For Windows 7/8/10 one can play any kind of media format very easily. There are a lot of functions which VLC can perform which made VLC Media Player 32/64 Bit popular among people. With the help of this player we can open one or multiple files together secondly we can save playlist which can be used later on. We also have the facility to control the speed of the video, we can make video slower or faster. A lot of functions are provided at the bottom like the play/pause, stop, full screen button or the audio controlling feature. We can say that VLC Media Player the best option to play media.

VLC player is Free Download software and can be installed easily. It provides various features, which the users can use to listen music, which is stored in the computer. Users can also stream music from the internet and save YouTube videos. Another feature is that audio can be separated from the video and can be saved as a separate file. These features cannot be found in many other media players.


  • Conversion of Media Files

VLC Media player For Windows 10/8/7 can convert the format of media files. Any format can be converted into other available formats. Users can format the videos, which can be easily played on mobiles. The media can be easily converted to the format, which is supported by the mobiles. Users can also extract audio from the video file, which can be stored separately.

  • Streaming Media

Users can use the VLC Player Free Download to stream media from internet. Here are the steps of streaming Multimedia from internet.

  • Click the Media Menus and select Stream
  • Provide the address of video or audio that is to be streamed.
  • Click the stream button to stream the video.


  • Desktop recording

VLC 32/64 Bit has the feature of uploading the system desktop. User can save the video of the desktop and convert it into a screen capture program. This feature can be used for broadcasting a live stream of the desktop for a desktop computer or laptop.

  • Control playback on the browser remotely

A HTTP server comes with the Filehippo VLC Media player, which can be used for accessing the VLC payer on the internet. Users can use this feature to control a media center PC through a browser. Along with this, users can also control the playback of audio and video. User can also use smartphone as a remote control to control the VLC player. Users can install apps like VLC, which help the VLC interface to work.

  • YouTube videos on VLC

Users can watch the videos from YouTube on the VLC Media Player. Users will have to take the following steps for the purpose.

  • In the Media menu, choose Open Network Stream.
  • Enter the YouTube URL, which should be played on the player.
  • Click the Play button and the video will start playing on the VLC player For Windows 7/8/10.

Users can click the Codec option from the Tools menu to get the location of the MP4 video. This address can be copied to the Download Manager to download the video on the desktop.

  • Podcasts signup

Users can use the VLC Media Player 32/64 Bit Free Download to stream podcasts and so there is no need of any additional software to stream the podcasts. In order to listen podcasts, take the following steps.

  • Click the View menu in the player.
  • Select Playlist.
  • Hover the mouse button to the Podcast in the + button.
  • Paste the address of the podcast and stream it.


  • Internet radio playing

Previously, users used Pandora and Spotify to stream web radio stations. Users used to stream the radio stations in the Winamp player. Filehippo VLC Media Player can also be used to stream radio stations. Users just have to locate a ‘listen’ link, which will give the permission to listen the music on VLC.

  • Add filters and effects to audio and video
  • Users can add fitters to the videos and audios through the VLC player. Here are the steps, which the users can use for the purpose.
  • Click the Tools menu.
  • Go to Synchronization tab and click Filters Effects.
  • Now provide filters and effects to the video and audio. Users can change the way in which a video can produce sound.


  • Video wallpaper

Users can use the VLC Media player For Windows 7/8/10 to make a video as wallpaper. In this process, the background image is replaced by a video, which will run on the desktop. This feature is not available with any other media player. Users have to take the following steps for the purpose Similar To KMPlayer

  • Start the preferences window and Click the Video icon.
  • In the output box, select Direct X video output signal.
  • Now restart VLC and load a video.
  • Click the video menu and click Set as Wallpaper and type current video will be shown on desktop.
  • Logo addition

Users can also use the VLC Player Free Download�? to insert logo in a video, which can be a png or a jpeg file. The software also helps in overlaying the existing logo with a picture. This feature can be used to provide company’s logo in those videos which are used for providing demonstration.

  • Interface customization

Filehippo VLC Media Player 32/64 Bit can also be used to personalize interface. The interface can be personalized through the following steps.

  • Click the View menu.
  • Go to the Customize interface option.
  • Now users can change the menus, buttons, layout, and other things.


  • OS: Wiindows XP/Vista/7/8
  • RAM: 256MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk: 50MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or later.

Filehippo VLC Media Player For Windows 7/8/10 32/64 Bit Free Download From Official Website.It Is Latest 2021 Full Offline Installer.

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