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Overview Of Windows Movie Maker Latest Version

Filehippo Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10 Free Download With is a video editing software designed by Microsoft as a part of Windows Essentials but discontinued now. Windows Movie Maker is an impressive video editing tool that enables you to transform your pictures, sound recordings as well as short clips right into a breathtaking moviesSome of its features are title customization tool, animation tab, credit customization tool, auto movie options, timeline narration, special effects option, translation overlays, extensive audio track selection.

It has support for several types of networking which includes photos from the digital cameras, mobile phones, flash cards along with DVDs.It Also has a user friendly Interface and supports XML format. It is a perfect tool for beginners as well as pros, having automatic preview, sepia toning options, fade effects and themes. You can add music, animated titles, rotating clips, captions and end credits. Then you can share the movie on social media sites.

Windows Movie maker lets you choose between Auto Movie topics, alterations, Visual effects and text for the title, captions in addition to credits. You can employ some expert video editing via vanish impacts, split and trim functions and adjusting the rate. You may also expand the pictures in order to fit the music in case the music track has a bigger length.

Filehippo Windows Movie Maker can be a easy and powerful video editing and production software, designed for the most recent system versions like Windows 7, windows-8 and Windows 10. Its Traditional variant Relates to Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10  has works like video effects, transitions animations, titles and notes, adding voice and music, time axis settings and automatic video creation.

It’s possible to conserve the projects to various different file formats and you may also release your new movie online on social media web sites such as Facebook, YouTube or even One Drive. All in most Windows Movie Maker 20 20 is a remarkable video editing application that enables one to transform your pictures, audio tracks in addition to short clips into some breathtaking movies.

Making fresh video and editing your videos has been never easy till ms windows introduced its video editing tool i.e. Windows Movie maker. It is a really simple to use tool which even a kid can produce a movie within it.

All you need to do is to catch a video than edit this video in Filehippo Windows Movie Maker  7/8/10 supports all formats. The videos have to be edited can be inserted by only a drag and drop. Every one of the components you are interested in being inserted on your video are placed within the storyboard at the bottom of this Windows Movie Maker.

Filehippo Windows Movie Maker have been included in storyboard different effects could be applied to any section of the video. As an instance you can include a video transition effect between 2 or two videos. Text can also be added in movies. It’s possible to include the title at the beginning of the video and you can add credits by the conclusion of the video. Once you are finished with the editing you can save it into a computer in WMV format.

Brand new results and cartoons can be added at any time. The recent ones may also be modified through the XML code. Anyway, Windows Moviemaker also has all the essential functions of audio editing. You are able to add different effects to this audio, for instance, the melting of this music, and more. You may directly export video and audio files based on your preferences.


Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10 is a free tool that is made by the Microsoft Company because of its users. There are additional alternatives to the Movie Maker on the internet, however the problem with them is they ask for the cost.

  • Slideshows

Do you have a YouTube channel where you upload the slide shows? In that case then this is the very best software that you may use to create beautiful slide shows for your channel. It is possible to shoot any dimensions of the picture and also insert music to it, and your video will soon be ready in a couple of minutes.

  • Insert Music

You record a video, however it comprises unwanted and noise sound which you don’t want it. Then here is the solution with the support of all movie-maker that you can add your favourite music to your videos.

  • Stabilization

One of the best features that I work with a lot is movie insertion. If both hands shake a whole lot while recording some other video or shooting any scenery, then this stabilization feature will enable you to produce your video stabilized. It prevents this shake away from your video and also make it a perfect video shot .

  • Transitions

To include more pleasure and make your videos or slideshows seem trendy and awesome you’ll get the transitions effect also. There are a number of transitions effect can be utilized free of charge to create your videos or slideshows even fresh.

  • Trim

You just recorded a video, but you do not like any portion of it then do not worry is your solution. With the Aid of Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10,

  • Rotate

Thus, you merely caught the photo in a incorrect degree which causes a challenge whilst building a slide show video? Don’t stress this application lets you rotate your videos in 90 degrees and left or right.

  • Import

Filehippo Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10 Allows To import your files directly out of the USB Flash drive if you have connected already without moving it to your hard drive. In addition, it lets you import videos or photos from the document manager to edit it. Similar To VLC Media Player.

  • Export

When your project has been finished, then you’ll export it into your Media folder. In the event you wish to upload it around Vimeo, then you will even get an solution for it. The best thing is that it also lets you export your edited videos directly in your CD or even DVD.

  • Easy to Use

The program is straightforward to utilize, and that you don’t need to have professional video editing skills to successfully use this software.

Some Extra Features Of Filehippo Windows Movie Maker 7/8/10 Free Download

  • A remarkable video editing application that enables you to transform your pictures, sound recordings as well as short clips to a stunning movies.
  • Got support for all types of media including photos from the cameras, mobile phones, flash cards and DVDs.
  • Enables you to select between AutoMovie topics, transitions, visual effects and text to your title, captions as well as credits.
  • May employ some professional video editing via fade impacts, divide and trim works and adjusting the rate.
  • Can include music to your videos readily.
  • Can conserve the endeavors to several different document formats and it is also possible to release your new movie online on social networking internet sites like Facebook, YouTube or OneDrive.
  • Create and edit videos predicated on your recordings and photos.
  • Tools to add your own music to the animations.
  • Support to produce videos by way of a camera.
  • Save screenshots of these movies.
  • Possibility to apply different consequences.
  • Tools to introduce narrations in to the videos.
  • Audio mixer with presets which allow us to highlight the narration, videos or music.
  • Editing for scenic or standard displays.


  • Operating System : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Processor : 2.4GHz of processor
  • RAM : 1GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space : 100MB space required.

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