How To Score Chicken Dinner In PUBG Zombie Mode

Tips To Score Chicken Dinner In PUBG Zombie Mode

Tips To Score Chicken Dinner In PUBG Zombie Mode

In addition to your enemy players, you now have monstrous zombies to worry about in the new Zombie mode. Also, in addition to the thrill this mode comes with, you are now faced with a harder Battleground. Alongside, you are now haunted by the knowledge that death could be at the next bend.

This shouldn’t be a cause for panic if you have the necessary skills and tips to survive. Luckily, you will find some tips to help you win that precious chicken dinner. Also, check PUBG Hacks to help you play at great ease.

PUBG Tips To Score That Chicken Dinner

  • Don’t be a loner

The zombie mode becomes a lot tougher than other modes due to the large number of enemies you have to fight. And if you go rogue, it’s one of the easiest ways to get killed in the game. So, it is in your best interest to join a team of other players.

This gives you an advantage since you have teammates to give you a combined power against enemies and the undead. You can use the game’s quick commands to communicate with your squadmates.

  • Position yourself strategically

In the game, certain positions make you more open to enemies from all directions. An example of such locations in the field. As a result, you need to make frantic efforts to stay alive since you have both enemies and the undead attacking you from different directions.

The best places that can reduce your chances of being hit are high points like rooftops and inside buildings. An advantage of these positions is that it allows you to see approaching enemies. Also, you can escape in any direction if you get overrun. 

  • Be conscious of the time changes

PUBG zombie mode is divided into different time phases between day and night. In the day, you have more enemy players than zombies to tackle. During the day, the fewer enemies you are up against during the day make it wise for you to gather weapons and other valuable items. Such items should also contain gears.

At night, you need to be ready for many undead that will be seen roaming the battleground. Notably, you can use a car to run over these zombies, but be on the watch for those large zombies with shields. Your car won’t run over them.

  • The zombie bomb and vaccine are a big bonus

The zombies are one of your two biggest opposition in the game, especially since they can spit those greenish substances that can travel far. If you’re unlucky, you can be a midday snack for one big undead. However, if you’re lucky enough to survive, you need to heal as quickly as you can.

The zombie vaccines can be found in buildings and the quickest way to heal. Also, endeavor to be on the lookout for those zombie bombs. They can be used to kill an entire army of the undead. However, note that these bombs can’t kill enemy players. So, watch out for them once the air settles.

  • Keep your defense at its peak

You are sure to get some life-threatening hits in PUBG zombie mode. Thankfully, you can reduce the impact of the hits if you have some protective gear on. The helmet and vest are the best protection available in PUBG  zombie mode at the moment, so use them.

These helmets and vests can be found lying around on the map. So, do well to pick them whenever you come across one. Also, do well to replace damaged vests and helmets with new ones whenever they get damaged from battle.


Securing the chicken dinner is a possible feat but will be a daunting task if you go into the game without helpful survival tips. The tips in this article are not the best there is but are a sure way to win that most sought-after PUBG win.

So, take note of some useful gears like the Zombie bomb and vaccine- they can be the difference between life and death. Also, try as much as possible to stay in positions that give you a good view of the enemies and allow for easy escape. Lastly, plan a strategy that works best with your style of play.


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