Top 5 Office 365 Migration Service Compared

Top 5 Office 365 Migration Service Compared

Overview Of Top 5 Office 365 Migration Service Compared

When planning out the tools and functions of your office for the year 2021, businesses are sure to have stumbled upon deciding to select and moving their resource mailboxes through the office 365 migration service.

This decision may be made for various reasons but most importantly since an updated service offers better tools and subscriptions and gives better usability. We will be looking at the top 5 office 365 migration services for 2021 and comparing them according to their performance, ease in handling and usability.

The core apps

The basic services provided by the MS Office may be overlooked due to the placement of several other advanced apps in the Office umbrella. The basic applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

Since they’re hard to miss while working on any aspect of the Business, Microsoft has made them available on the cloud and desktop as well. Despite the type of migration, whether staged or custom, you will still be able to access documents, create and edit as per your requirement.

The improved integration of tools and features are something that falls in common with all these applications. One important benefit all users can enjoy when you Migrate Office 365 to office 365 that is cloud-based, is that now you will also be able to suggest, comment or chat over your documents as you co-work with your colleagues on a certain project.

One Drive for Business

One Drive is the go-to service when users look to back up their work and files from their storage device, unlike migration services that store all the backed-up data in local servers.

OneDrive for business allows you to back up your information through the cloud, which is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. You will be able to share files, sync them across several devices, and co-author them at your convenience. Not to mention it has a provision for 1TB of free storage available for every user.

Services like and many others come as a form of assistance in rounding up your entire migration process and securely transfer all business data, while any sort of overlooked information can be downloaded and used while migrating. As such, one Drive is compatible enough to be worked with third party backups and assistance as well. This file, document and email migration service are secured and protected privately, but users can easily share and link them to selective participants.

  • Planner

Another collaborative tool that is sure to help users manage projects and initiatives is the Planner application. Available for M365, it is easy to use and renders quick services. The variation in its function ranges from managing simple tasks to complex portfolios.

Moreover, users are enabled to plan, distribute, manage, and track the progress of tasks singularly and collaborate with their colleagues. M365 provides users with flexibility in work. Plans, deadlines and other initiatives can be easily created, shared and tracked with the planner application. This software is compatible and can be integrated with several other applications like calendar or SharePoint to create better results.

  • Yammer

Yammer is a social networking site that aims to solve the lack of communication among the employees of an enterprise or several enterprises. Unlike other social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook, Yammer is comparatively safer and can create a truly interactive environment. This can be considered a message or a notice board for the enterprises where all employees can contribute and receive feedback.

Yammer has helped build work relations in the office and create a better environment for the employees through their platform that allows the users to share both work and personal data. It can give you the best team you can work with to take your business forward when implemented correctly.

  • Sharepoint

This is a service that can be categorised as a document management and storage system. This web-based collaborative platform is highly configurable and versatile enough to match several business standards and scales. It enables the users to create, edit documents easily with their colleagues in real-time, be it for business or personal use.

They can also share valuable insights and send feedback to improve the working range whenever possible as such teams can be regulated and kept updated through the features of task lists, calendars, notices and document libraries.

Despite its security provisions, company, event and business news can easily be shared as well. In addition to this, the protected storage can be easily accessed, and files can be downloaded at the user’s convenience.


While there are more than 30 email migration services launched and fully functioning under Office 365 migration, the top five services are as of now are definitely hard to select. For new users who are looking to migrate for the first time, following a thorough step-by-step process as explained in this tutorial may be helpful as the first initiative.

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