Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac Free Download

Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac Free Download

Crap Cleaner


Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac Free Download From Official Website.It Is Full Offline Installer 


Overview Of Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac

Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac Free Download the main purpose of this software is to make the Operating system work fast by cleaning the disk and in return providing more space in the main storage. Usually, any operating system contains a lot of unwanted cookies, temporary files, viruses, and many other things which occupy space and make the OS slow, So Crap Cleaner For Mac Removes all these Junk Files from your device and lets you use the machine at its maximum potential. It just not only serves the purpose of a cleaning tool but also scans your system, thus removing unwanted or unused applications and also warning you from the threat of any kind of virus present in the software.

Before cleaning, it first analyses & scans the entire system, thus making a list of all useless & harmful stuff in your device, and then you can select the appropriate checkbox for the things you want to delete according to your convenience and needs. The Crap Cleaner Free Download takes even less than 30 minutes to scan and fix all the files in the system.It protects your privacy & makes your gadget faster. CCleaner For Windows is available in Both 32 & 64 bit and not only that, It is even compatible with macOS and Android devices.

Features of Crap Cleaner Free Download

  • Delete Temporary Files & Protection from Malware

Browsing the internet or running programmes on your device will many times result in automatically picking up unwanted files, history, cookies etc which ends up getting saved in your device and in turn makes your OS works at a much slower pace than is expected. Cleaner For Mac can delete your temporary files like Malwarebytes such as files from video editing which occupies a great amount of space in your disk, along with cookies and other data affecting your system. It not only helps to free up your disk and increase your storage capacity but also increases the performance & speed of your computer to a significant amount.

Along with deleting unwanted files,Crap Cleaner For WindowsFree Download is also aware of the threat of any viruses present in your system which might corrupt it. While scanning the system, it informs the user of any malware and then permanently removes it from the system, thus, securing and improving the proficiency of the structure.

Crap Cleaner For Windows

  • Application Tab

The free edition of this software contains the application tab. The users get all the information about the tabs that will be cleared. If you upgrade it to the professional version then you’ll get the support of many other programs that clear the temporary files, cookies as well as logs from the computer and also provides you with all the necessary details of the deleted items.

When the system registry gets filled with broken settings & useless files, then this results in freezing or crashing of the system with numerous error messages. It provides the reason for why the entries must be removed and then clears up all the registry entries. However, in case the users need to access the deleted entries, it backs up all the files. Also, before cleaning it provides the user option to deselect anything which he doesn’t want to delete.

  • Software, Startup & Plugin Manager

It has a software uninstaller through which you can uninstall the programs which you haven’t used for a long time, one by one. The context menu displays some programs, which users rarely use. The Startup Manager Optimise the menu accordingly. The Plugin Manager aids to remove all the undesirable plugins that can affect the performance of the browser.

  • User Friendly

The layout and user interface of  are very easy, simple & user-friendly which helps the user a lot while making their system free from any kind of destruction. It’s easy to use and the setup is organised in a very simple way such that those users who aren’t much experienced in such a tech space can also use it to protect their device. Along with that, Crap Cleaner For Mac Free Download Gives the users the option to schedule their scan at a regular interval like daily, weekly, or monthly. This will save a lot of time for the users as these scanning will start automatically and run in the background.

Cleaner For Mac

  • Automatic Close & Updates

This feature helps the software to complete its task and switch off automatically once it’s completed. This enables the user the full independence to carry on with his work while on the other hand the software continues scanning and deleting risky contents in the system. Also if any update of the software comes, then the user is notified and it gets updated in the background without disturbing any activity in the system. Not only that, it even updates old software which is vulnerable to the system and updating them will reduce the risk to a great extent.

  • Protecting Privacy

The last but most important feature of Crap Cleaner For Windows/Mac is that it can delete private user data e.g it erases the cookies, deletes browser history & cache files from all the browsers present in your device. The feature erases any privacy risking data for the program. Thus, Cleaner not only protects your device but also protects your personal data in the huge interconnected web of the Internet.

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