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How To Transfer Data To Your New Iphone

How To Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with Different Apple ID

Transfer Data

Every iPhone user is familiar with Apple ID. We can download apps, purchase songs, backup data, etc. only after we log in to the Apple account on the iPhone. In addition, as long as two iPhones are using the same Apple account, we can simply turn on the sync option to achieve data transfer. However, in some cases, transferring data via iCloud is not a good option.

  • There is only 5GB of free storage space, which is not enough to store all data.
  • Have created a new Apple ID for the new iPhone and want to transfer data to it.
  • Want to transfer data from one iPhone to another one using a different Apple ID.

Although AirDrop can help users transfer data from one iPhone to another, it is not suitable for transferring all data or transferring large amounts of data. In this case, professional data transfer tool is the best choice if you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple ID. 

AOMEI MBackupper is one professional tool can Backup Iphone as well as an iPhone transfer software for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Windows 11/10/8/7 users. This tool supports data transfer between iPhone and iPhone, between iPhone and computer. You can let the tool help you transfer all data or selected data between two iPhones using different Apple ID.

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone wirelessly

If you have no computer at hand & want to transfer selected data from iPhone to iPhone, then you can let the mobile app of MBackupper help you make it, because AOMEI Mbackupper can help you Backup Iphone For Free.

It’s one AirDrop-like app that you can use to transfer photos, videos, songs, contacts, word documents and any other files in Files app. Unlike AirDrop, it supports multiple transfer. If you try to AirDrop hundreds of pictures, the transfer may fail. With MBackupper, there is no such worry.

  1. Go to App Store to download MBackupper on two iPhones.
  2. Open MBackupper on iPhone and allow it to use the WLAN & access files. The transfer does not require a Wi-Fi connection and does not consume cellular data.
  3.  Go to Connect Device on either iPhone > Tap the avatar to establish a connection.
  4. Go to File Transfer on the source iPhone > Find and choose the data you want to transfer and tap Send option.

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via USB cable

If you have a computer at hand, you can choose to install MBackupper on computer and then transfer selected files or all data between two iPhones via the USB connection.

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Transfer selected data from iPhone to iPhone

MBackupper supports data transfer between iPhone and computer so you can take advantage of this feature to achieve iPhone to iPhone data transfer: first transfer data from source iPhone to computer and then transfer data from computer to target iPhone.

 Transfer data from source iPhone to computer

  • Launch MBackupper > Plug in the source iPhone.
  • On the home interface, click Transfer to Computer.
  • Browse and choose the files you want to transfer and click OK to confirm > Select a path to save your files > Click Transfer to save them to computer. Here we choose music, you are allowed to transfer both purchased and non-purchased music.

 Transfer data from computer to target iPhone

  • Disconnect the source iPhone and plug in the target iPhone.
  • Choose Transfer to iPhone > Click the Plus icon to choose the music files exported before.
  • Click Transfer to add music to the target iPhone. It will not erase any existing songs or any other data on the target iPhone.

Transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone 

If you just upgrade to a new iPhone, you can transfer all content and settings via the iPhone to iPhone Transfer function. Please note that all existing data on the new iPhone will be erased.

  1. Open MBackupper > Connect source iPhone and target iPhone to computer via the USB cable.
  2. On the home interface, click iPhone to iPhone Transfer option.
  3. If necessary, enable backup encryption to encrypt data in the source device.
  4. Click Start Transfer to begin the transfer. When the transfer is complete, your new iPhone will be restarted automatically.






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