Online application process to obtain Apostille on documents

With globalization becoming ever more pervasive, legalizing documents via an Apostille certificate has become essential to international travel, education and business transactions. An apostille serves to authenticate its source – this guide offers step-by-step procedures for online application of an apostille on documents.


Step 1: Gather Information

Before initiating the online apostille application process, it is crucial to research and gather information regarding specific requirements and procedures of the country where documents will be utilized. Different countries have differing rules regarding apostille services – collect details regarding eligible documents for an apostille stamp as well as who the competent authority responsible issuing these stamps, forms required and any supporting documentation which might be needed for filing your apostille application online.


Step Two: Confirm Document Eligibility

Not all documents qualify for Apostille services. Usually, public documents like birth and marriage certificates, educational transcripts and notarized documents may be eligible while private ones may need alternative legalization methods such as legalisation services. Before beginning your apostille application process it’s a good idea to ensure eligibility of your document before beginning it – this ensures an efficient application experience! For any kind of guidance and help you can always call and talk to Apostille Services Delhi.


Step 3: Notarization (if Required)

Before filing for an apostille, certain documents may need to be notarized by an accredited notary public in order to vouch for their authenticity and ensure proper application for an apostille stamp. Make sure this step has been completed prior to continuing on with an application for an apostille seal.


Step 4: Choose an Online Apostille Service Provider

For ease and efficiency during this step of the application process, consider engaging the services of an online apostille provider. Do your research first on reliable providers with great reviews that match up to what meets your individual requirements before selecting an apostille provider who meets them all! Online platforms often provide convenience, efficiency and guidance during each application step.


Apostille Services


Step 5: Open an Account

Once you’ve selected a service provider, create an account on their platform by providing basic personal details, contact info and creating a secure password – be sure to keep all this data private as this information will help track progress of your apostille application process.


Step 6: Upload Documents

Once your account has been set up, uploading documents you intend to apostille is the next step. Please ensure they meet eligibility requirements and formatting restrictions, with most platforms accepting common file formats like PDF, JPEG or PNG files for submission.


Step 7: Provide Necessary Info

To avoid delays during processing, complete and submit all applicable forms or provide any pertinent details related to your document’s intended use and purpose of an Apostille, such as its purpose and destination country as well as your contact info. Be thorough and accurate as this helps avoid processing delays.


Step 8: Pay Fees

Apostille services typically incur fees; make payments using any available options on your online platform to cover these. Afterward, verify them for accuracy and transparency before finalising payment details.


Step 9: Monitor Apostle Application

In the final step, once all documents and fees have been submitted online for processing and verification, take advantage of the tracking features to monitor the status of your apostille application – this could include updates regarding processing, verification and dispatch.


Step 10: Receive Apostilled Documents

Once your documents have been legalised in accordance with their destination country’s policies and received back from an Apostille service provider, they should arrive either electronically or physically for delivery. Ensure the apostille remains attached to its respective original document to make use legal in that destination country.



Submitting documents online for authentication by applying for an apostille can save both time and effort, providing convenient solutions for various legal and international purposes. You can get any document or degree certificate apostille in India by following the same steps. By following this comprehensive guide you’ll navigate each step involved with applying online – making sure they will be approved abroad when using them legally or internationally.

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