Best Free Remote Desktop Software For 2023

Anyviewer : Best Free Remote Desktop Software for Windows & Phones

Best Free Remote Desktop Software.


Why Would We Say AnyViewer Is The Best Free Remote Desktop Software?

  • Great compatibility. It supports both Windows, iOS, and Android, allowing users to remotely access a Windows PC from a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  • Ultra-simple configuration. It has an intuitive interface and doesn’t require extra configuration for remote access on a different network.
  • Unattended remote access. It allows users to remotely access an unattended Windows device from another Windows PC or phone.
  • On-screen features. It offers multiple features in remote session, like quick power management, providing you with a great experience.

How To Remotely Access A Windows PC From Another PC Via AnyViewer  

Let’s first see how to use the free remote desktop software for Windows to remotely access a Windows computer from another. The steps are divided into 2 parts.

Part 1. Set up AnyViewer on the host computer (the computer you want to access)

  • Download, install, and launch AnyViewer on the host computer.
  • Go to Log in, and then click Sign up.
  • Fill in the sign up information.
  • You should now see that you have successfully logged into AnyViewer. Your device will be assigned to the account to which you have logged in automatically.

Part 2. Log in to the same account on the client computer (the computer you use to access)

Once you have set up AnyViewer on the host computer, the operating steps on the client computer are very simple.

  • Just download AnyViewer on the client computer as you do on the host computer, and then log into the same account that sign-in on your host computer.
  • You’ll see both the host computer and the client computer assigned to the account. Click the host computer and then choose Remote control. Now you can take full control of the host computer from your client computer.

Tip: The free account allows you to assign 3 devices at the same time. It is recommended to upgrade your account to a Professional or Enterprise plan to assign more devices.

How To Remotely Access A Windows PC From iOS & Android Via AnyViewer  

Let’s see how to use the free remote desktop software for Android mobile and iOS devices to remotely access to your Windows PC from an Android device or from an iPhone/iPad.

Please note that the steps of accessing PC from an iPhone or Android phone is pretty much the same. Here we’ll take Android phone as an example.

  • Follow the above steps in Part 1 to set up AnyViewer on your host computer.
  • Download AnyViewer for Android on the Android device.
  • Log into the account you’ve signed up on your host computer.
  • The devices that has been logged into the same account will be displayed on My devices list.
  • Tap your target PC and tap Remote control.
  • Now you have taken full control of the remote PC from the Android device.


This post primarily introduces the best free remote desktop software for Windows and phones, AnyViewer. Detailed steps on how to use AnyViewer on Windows PCs, iOS devices, and Android phones are also given. If you’re looking for the best free software for remote desktop, give it a try.


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